POMInnO is a small research and development company aimed at supporting/implementing innovative projects, mainly in the wide area of environmental protection and renewable energy. The company has three areas of operation: Expert Service working with environmental & energy projects, Business Service working with grants, investments and marketing and Wellness Initiatives, that support non-pharmaceutical health prevention with help of alternative marketing methods.

Expert Service is divided into the following thematic sectors: Water and Wastewater Management, Renewable Energy Service, Waste Management, Agro-Environmental Service, Environmental Service, Circular Economy, Green Procurement Service, Innovative Education, Artificial Intelligence.

Business Service includes: Grant Service, Language Service, Import/Export Service, Investment Service, Marketing Assisstance.

In addition, the company supports innovative well-being (Wellness) initiatives such as: Power of Prevention, Noble Aging or Yoga Academy using help of:  Network Marketing Assistance, Affiliate Marketing.