ChemClimCircle II Initiative: Greening Public Procurement Across the Baltic Sea Region

The Challenge: A Green Revolution Awaits

Public procurement is a powerful tool for promoting environmental sustainability, yet its potential remains largely untapped. Despite existing guidelines and criteria, the implementation of Green Public Procurement (GPP) practices is sporadic and voluntary, far from the widespread adoption needed to make a significant environmental impact. The ChemClimCircle project aims to tackle this by integrating chemical safety, circular economy principles, and climate considerations into procurement processes, making green procurement not just an exception, but a norm.

Why Transnational Collaboration Matters

The obstacles to greening public procurement are not confined by borders. Shared challenges across the Baltic Sea Region (BSR), including varying levels of knowledge, lack of skills, and economic pressures, underline the necessity for a unified approach. The ChemClimCircle initiative leverages transnational cooperation to foster knowledge exchange, harmonize standards, and create a unified market that benefits from sustainable procurement practices.

Our Targets: Engaging Key Players

Our focus is on empowering public entities across the BSR, from small municipalities to national authorities, in adopting comprehensive green procurement strategies. This includes procurement and environmental departments, regional development agencies, SMEs, and interest groups, all pivotal in shaping a sustainable future.

The Partnership: A Collective Journey Towards Sustainability

Led by the Lithuanian National Procurement Office, our consortium embodies a broad spectrum of stakeholders, including municipalities, regional networks, think tanks, and the Union of the Baltic Cities. This diverse partnership ensures the development and dissemination of innovative solutions tailored to various contexts across the BSR.

The Roadmap: From Concept to Reality

Our project unfolds in three strategic Work Packages (WPs): Preparing solutions, Piloting and evaluating solutions, and Transferring solutions. Through collaborative efforts, we aim to develop operational models, monitoring concepts, and impact assessment tools that simplify the integration of GPP criteria into procurement practices. This comprehensive approach ensures that our target groups are not only involved but are active participants in the transformation process.

The Outcome: A Sustainable Procurement Ecosystem

The ChemClimCircle initiative is set to revolutionize public procurement by making sustainability the default criterion. Our vision is to create a BSR where every procurement decision is an opportunity to advance environmental goals, fostering a sustainable market that extends beyond regional boundaries.

Join Us: A Call for Action

We invite potential partners to join this ambitious journey to green public procurement across the BSR. Together, we can create a sustainable future, one greener procurement decision at a time. For more info & to get involved, reach out and fill in a short registration form here!